Python for Gaming

Python is not known for being a game-development-friendly language; it usually is done as an exercise for new programmers that want to practice their object oriented skills, or by Python developers who just want to fool around. This has not changed, and if you are looking seriously into game development…

This post is likely very outdated, use carefully.

Ubuntu 14.04.5

$ sudo apt-get update

Download Xray from

Move to the home directory, extract, and install.

$ mv Downloads/x-ray-ubuntu-1.8.tar.gz ~/
$ tar -xzf xray-ubuntu-1.8.tar.gz
$ cd xray-ubuntu-1.8/
$ sudo ./

Everything went well, output here:

Run with

$ sudo /opt/jfrog/xray/scripts/ start

I’ve been a Python programmer for a while, but only recently have I been exposed to Docker.

For those of you who don’t know, Docker is the leading software container platform. Running LXC (Linux Containers) in its core, it allows you recreate the same environment for an application regardless of…

Angello Maggio

Python Coder — DevOps Padawan — Total Nerd

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